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Compared to other quantum circuit simulators, QIWI is envisaged as a fully integrated

quantum emulator bridging from waveform level simulation to exact and large scale

quantum circuit simulation, built for accuracy, performance and scalability.


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For single-threaded and multithreaded CPUs, we can achieve a 1.5X-2X speedup for 20-

30 qubit simulations.

6X speedup for 8-15 qubit simulations, regimes which

are useful today for developing variational quantum algorithms and fault-tolerant QC



Image by Timothy Dykes

Our solutions are also able to scale to high number of qubits in the case of low-complexity (entanglement) circuits where we can solve on a medium budget

workstation, circuits of 30-100 qubits exactly or >100 with using physics inspired approximate methods.


Image by Manuel

Depending on customer needs, these innovations can also be

integrated with more specialized HPC hardware and distributed computing to push the

limits of classical computing and to clearly pinpoint the threshold where a genuine

quantum advantage can be expected for industry relevant applications.

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