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Solve your hardest quantitative problems through the application of quantum computing science


Our emulator allows us to assess, develop, and optimize quantum algorithms today rather than in 5-10 years. 

  • Provided on Blueqat SDK cloud service

  • Additional cloud platforms to follow

  • Training services offered

Algorithms for Finance

​Quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms can make financial investments not only more profitable but also less risky.

  • QAOA (portfolio optimization)

  • QAE (Quantum Amplitude Estimation) 

  • QSVM (Quantum Support Vector Machine)


QuantFi is setting the standards for executive education in the fields of quantum computing and quantum finance.

  • Pre-recorded or Live

  • Online or In-Person

  • Customized Live Training

  • French, English or Japanese


Quantum computing can be difficult to navigate especially in the financial optimization space. Our team of experts is here to help and provide your team the best upskilling experience.

"Our services are designed to be comprehensive by offering access to research, software, and training in both quantum and novel classical “quantum-inspired” algorithms. "
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