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We are quantum agnostic.


Our goal is to become a solution for customers and clients to best solve their quantitative problems through the application of quantum computing science.

The promise of quantum computing is understood to consist of new and improved algorithms that can solve problems exponentially faster and with far greater accuracy.

For example, quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms can make financial investments not only more profitable but also less risky.


In order to accomplish this goal, we believe in establishing close collaborations with customers, clients and academic researchers. Such collaborations are needed in order to find the best balance between fundamental and applied research and to concentrate the focus of our research to those “use cases” that banks identify as priorities for their businesses.

Critical to the success of these collaborations is an understanding of both the near-term and long-term objectives of the client and to be able to adapt our services and products to meet these specific needs.

Our services are designed to be comprehensive by offering access to research, software, and training in both quantum and novel classical “quantum-inspired” algorithms. 

QuantFi offers a powerful quantum emulator (Qiwi) that allows us to assess, develop, and optimize quantum algorithms today rather than in 5-10 years. 



  • Provided on Blueqat SDK cloud service

  • Additional cloud platforms to follow

  • Training services offered

Qiwi Emulator.png

Quantum vs Classical

Astronomical Potential

300 qubits ≈ 10^90 classical bits corresponding to more bits of information than atoms in the universe!

Exponential Speed-Up

Paradigm-shifting  computational speed

Quantum Computing Power

Could cut computational time for complex problems from years to seconds!

Algorithms for Finance

  • QAOA (portfolio optimization)

  • QAE (Quantum Amplitude Estimation)

  • QSVM (Quantum Support Vector Machine)



  • Pre-recorded or Live

  • Online or In-Person

  • Customized Live Training

  • French, English or Japanese

QuantFi provides training alongside our products in order to assist firms in getting further along their respective quantum journeys. These services include pre-recorded and live training sessions designed for professionals looking at all levels looking for more experience in quantum computing.

Our goals are to get companies better prepared for the quantum computing revolution and to create their own proprietary tools.


QuantFi is setting the standards for executive education in the fields of quantum computing and quantum finance.


Curious to find out more: request a demo ! 

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