Send Resumes and CV's to: 

WHO: Research Scientist(s)

  • Ph.D. graduates in Quantum Computer Science

  • OR Post-doc experience in Quantum Computing

  • OR soon to graduate with a Ph.D. (within the next year)

  • Professional proficiency in English, French is NOT a requirement

WHAT: Grassroots start-up in Quantum Computing for Finance

We provide a free-flowing workspace, with a flexible management style based around individual achievement and collaboration. We promote a high sense of community in a relaxed environment that promotes creativity and self-direction. We are looking for talent to join our research and development team to create applications to be used by the financial industry. 

WHERE:  Paris, France. New York, London, Singapore, Tokyo

Depending on the experience level, candidates may be required to train in Paris. Eventually, candidates will be able to work in an agreed-upon location within our international ecosystem. Sponsoring visas for non-European candidates will be considered. 

WHEN: Hiring period through mid-summer 2020

We are flexible with school schedules and graduation dates. Current Ph.D. students close to graduation or recently graduated are prioritized, but other candidates may be considered.  

WHY:  We are getting ready for Quantum Supremacy


The practical usage of quantum computing is years away. However, the industry is preparing for the inevitable application of Quantum Computing in everyday business activities and QuantFi will be in a prime position to be the industry leader in Finance.

HOW: Collaboration and Competition

We have relationships with a varied mix of financial service companies as well as quantum hardware companies that reside in our ecosystem. We engage in networking activities such as Hackathons (IBM Q, CERN, and JoS) and industry/academic conferences throughout the world.