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We provide cutting edge quantum emulators and algorithms

Get quantum ready now

300+ qubits

1.5X - 2X speedup for

20 - 30 qubit simulations

6X speed up for 8-15 qubit simulations,

Integratable with more specialized HPC hardware

What We Offer

QuantFi creates intellectual property in quantum computing through the creation of "quantum-inspired" simulators and algorithms that are designed to tackle quantum problems today rather than in 5-10 years

Why Choose QuantFi

QIWI: Our Cutting Edge Emulator

Assess, develop, and optimize quantum algorithms today rather than in 5-10 years.

Quantum and Quantim-Inpired Algorithms

Reduce risk and increase profit with our proprietary algorithms.


Receive training alongside our product including live and pre-recorded training sessions for financial professionals in quantum computing.

Algorithms for Finance

Our Partners

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  • What is the best way to get started in quantum computing?
    QuantFi provides training alongside our products in order to assist firms in getting further along their respective quantum journeys. These services include pre-recorded and live training sessions designed for professionals looking at all levels looking for more experience in quantum computing. ​ Training Pre-recorded or Live Online or In-Person Customized Live Training French, English or Japanese Our goals are to get companies better prepared for the quantum computing revolution and to create their own proprietary tools. QuantFi is setting the standards for executive education in the fields of quantum computing and quantum finance. Curious to find out more: request a demo !
  • What is the value proposition and how do you prove efficacy, especially in the financial markets?
    Many markets are interested in, or are already exploring the potential of quantum computing to gain an early advantage and accelerate their business. In order to develop expertise and use cases these companies need access to professional quantum computing tools and services. For example, in finance, chemistry, physics, machine learning, etc, many current applications rely on the use and optimization of variational quantum circuits which involves quickly and reliably computing many circuit realizations in order to find the most efficient and noise tolerant ansatze. Beyond this, our high performance emulator is of value to quantum software providers for developing new quantum algorithms ready to run for the next generation of scalable quantum computers. Our high performance MIMIC quantum emulator can meet this demand now on commodity hardware, without the need to run everything on genuine quantum computers or HPC clusters.
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